Strategic Communication for Non-Profit Organisations

The planning and evaluation phases of strategic communication, as well as the proper dissemination and promotion of tools are too often neglected. Consequences? The different communication activities carried out by the organisation may lack relevance and results are not what they could be.

NGO Project Management

Course Outline:

  • How does communication contribute to the realisation of the organisation’s vision, mission and strategic objectives
  • The necessary alchemy of the main modalities of communication: target audiences/messages/channels
  • Differences between an internal audit of communications, a policy, a strategy and a plan of action
  • Assessment of your organisation’s communication status: Where does it stand, are there any gaps to close?
  • Analysis of past actions and current aspirations: internal audit; what does it cover?
  • What does a successful strategy look like? What does it include? Why should each organisation have a strategy?
  • Indicators of success for communication activities and means of verification
  • Review of possible communication tools: their characteristics, differences, pros and cons, relevance of their choice
  • Message design: do’s and don’ts
  • Outreach: much more than a distribution list mailings concepts and grant proposals

Who should attend

This course is intended for practitioners with different profiles who want to strengthen their capacity in strategic communications, including:

  • Who are specialised in one area of communications, such as media relations or reporting and would like to have a more holistic approach to communication
  • Who are planning to take more responsibilities in communication
  • Who have little experience and want to strengthen their overall skills in communication management
  • Who have learned on the spot without any specific training in communication
  • Project or programme staff whose tasks are closely related to the communication for their organisation
  • Who want to move into the non-profit sector and understand how different it is from what they have been practising so far

NGO Communication Skills Development Program Objectives

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement of an organisation’s overall communication’s strategy
  • Undertake an internal audit of their organisation’s communication
  • Develop a communication strategy and plan of action
  • Assess and review communication tools, target audiences and messages
  • Take concrete measures to close the gaps in the current communication strategy or its implementation
  • Reach out effectively and get messages across to different target audiences using the most relevant tools and messages
  • Build the overall capacity for managing the communication of an organisation; continued learning

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