Microsoft Project Management Training Course

Work on projects more effectively by using Microsoft Project to plan, schedule, track & communicate information within your organisation or team. This Microsoft Project 2013 Introduction course covers topics such as setting up a project, scheduling work, managing resources, creating a timeline, managing tasks, working with deadlines and constraints, working with data, creating reports, adding the finishing touches, printing, and sharing.

The training is organized in Basic and Advanced levels as described below. 

Microsoft Project 2016 Training


Module 1: Working with Network Diagrams

Viewing a Network Diagram

Changing the Network Diagram Layout

Formatting Boxes

Modifying Box Styles

Module 2: Working with Calendar View

Viewing the Calendar

Viewing the List

Modifying Text

Styles Modifying

Bar Styles

Formatting Gridlines

Changing Calendar View

Module 3: Using the Team Planner

Opening the Team Planner

Formatting Team Planner

Items Resolving

Unassigned Tasks

Allocating Work

Module 4: Creating Baselines and Interim Plans

Setting a Project

Baseline or Interim

Plan Viewing a Baseline

Viewing an Interim

Plan Clearing a Baseline

Interim Plan

Module 5: Creating Progress Lines

Displaying Progress Lines

Interpreting Progress Lines

Editing Progress Lines

Formatting Progress Lines

Removing Progress Lines

Module 6: Tracking Progress

Using the Tracking

Gantt View

Tracking Tasks with Filters

Tracking Tasks with Grouping

Viewing the Critical Path

Viewing Task Paths 

Module 7: Resolving Resource Conflicts

Determining When Resource Conflicts Exist

Reassigning Resources

Scheduling Overtime

Leveling Resources Automatically

Module 8: Managing Project Costs

Setting Currency Options

Entering Costs with the Resource Sheet

Entering Costs with the Resource Information

Dialog Using Cost Rate Tables

Viewing Costs Manually

Updating Costs

Module 9: Comparing Projects

Comparing Projects

Using the Compare Projects

Tab Analyzing the Results

Comparing Resources

Module 10: Working with Resource Pools

Creating a Resource Pool from a Single Project

Creating a Resource Pool from Multiple Projects

Linking a Project to the Resource Pool

Unlinking a Project from a Resource Pool

Updating a Resource Pool

Module 11: Working with Multiple Projects

Inserting Subprojects

Unlinking and Removing Subprojects

Consolidating Projects

Viewing Information about Inserted Projects

Module 12: Using the Organizer

Opening the Organizer

Copying Project Elements

Renaming Project Elements

Deleting Project Elements


Microsoft Project 2016 Benefits

  • Easily plan and manage your projects using templates.
  • Identify tasks most critical to your project’s success.
  • Create a project site in Office 365 or SharePoint.
  • Quickly share project details with your team and stakeholders.
  • Anticipate change using enhanced tools like Team Planner.
  • Extend functionality of Project by adding Apps to solve unique problems.
  • Quickly deliver project info to your team and receive their changes.
  • Kick off real-time conversations, integration with Lync and Lync Online.


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