Financial Management for Non-profit Organisations NGO

The course Essentials of Financial Management aims to provide non-profit organisations NGO managers and staff, volunteers and trustees with a working knowledge about financial management. It is designed for NGO programme, administrative and fundraisers staff, and for directors and managers who need to interpret financial systems and information as part of their decision-making. The course is also appropriate for finance staff who need a sound understanding of financial management. Whether working at head office or internationally, it provides the ‘essentials’ to effectively and efficiently manage financial resources.

NGO Project Management

 Course Outline:

  • Identify key roles and tasks of financial management
  • Explain the purpose and process of a budget; review a basic budget 
  • Analyse and ask questions about more complex budgets and budget processes
  • Prepare a donor funding grid from given information 
  • Analyse and ask questions about more complex budgets and budget processes
  • Prepare a donor funding grid from given information 
  • Explain, prepare and interpret a cash flow forecast
  • Analyse your own organisation’s budgeting documents, asking questions about the content
  • Identify the most important budgeting documents, and say why these are important
  • Explain the connection between the budget and the end of year accounting statements
  • Identify the records and other documents that a non-profit organisation keeps to records its money coming in and going out
  • Discuss how year-end accounting statements are put together 
  • Evaluate and raise questions about the year-end income statement for your own or another organisation
  • Apply accounting principles and concepts in a non-profit organisation and discuss the practical impact they might have when working with donors
  • Manage audit and auditors effectively
  • Apply basic internal (financial) controls to minimise the risks of error and theft
  • Identify weaknesses in financial systems

Project Management Objective

  • Provide the basic knowledge
  • Provide the  practical skills and confidence 
  • Analyse and interpret financial information and systems.
  • Being able to use these skills to have a constructive input
  • To work of partner organisations.


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