Korean Language Training for EPS TOPIK Test for Jobs in Korea

korean Language Course in Lahore

Learn Korean Language from Korean Master Trainers in Pakistan who have 10+ years in international trainings and experienced 5+ years in Korea. We provide serious learning environment and work without limits for our students success. We also provide job related skills for Korea which include various professions like Computer Technology, Textile, Quality Inspection, Accounting Software and many others. 

You can join Korean Language Training for EPS TOPIK Test in our Lahore Center and Succeed with your International Plans. 

Korean Language EPS Class Duration and Fees

Duration: 6 to 8 Weeks, 4 to 5 Classes per Week
Class Timings: 4-6 pm, 6-8 pm, 8-10 pm (Extra time is provided for new comers)
Fee: Rs 16,000 for EPS Test. Rs 10,000 for Past Papers Preparation

About Korean Language Test and Format

Korean Language Test EPS TOPIK is conducted by Human Resource Development Ministry of Korea for the selection of foreign workers. HRD Ministry Korea has released standard textbooks for people who want to get a job in Korea to learn Korean and prepare for EPS TOPIK. Contact us for FREE copy of Korean PDF book and Audios.

The Standard Textbook EPS-TOPIK Korean is organized into 8 topics, consisting of 60 chapters. Each chapter of the standard textbook for EPS-TOPIK is comprised of five parts as below.
Contents The aims of the lesson
Vocabulary and Expression Learn about the vocabulary through pictures
Dialog Using learned vocabularies through expressions and knowing about the grammar
Practice Make up a dialog and practice
Culture/Information Information about Korean culture and their’s work environment
EPS-TOPIK practice preparing the EPS-TOPIK test

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  • Korean Language Course for Intermediate
  • Korean Language for Advanced Learners
  • Master Hangul - the Korean alphabet.
  • Korean Language Flash Cards
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Korean Training in Lahore Pakistan

Our Certified Skills & Trainings are available throughout the year in LAHORE, ISLAMABAD & DUBAI. We provide 100% Practical Skills & Project Based Trainings. Opportunities for internship and job for Select candidates and their placement on international projects.

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