German Language B1 Training - Pass Your German Test with Confidence

The course will start by introducing you to probably the easiest part of the B1 German grammar and work your way up to learning more intermediate German Grammar & the German Culture.

German Language Course in Pakistan

Goals & Earnings:

  • Become Competent In German B1 Grammar
  • Learn More About the German Culture Like Food, Celebrations, Places to Visit
  • Learn About The German Educational System
  • Get Valuable Tips On How To Learn German More Efficiently
  • Learn Common German Idioms
  • Understand the main points of information in conversations and texts on familiar matters relating to work, school and leisure time, etc. when clear, standard language is used,
  • Deal with most situations typically encountered when travelling in German-speaking countries,
  • Express yourself simply and coherently when talking about familiar topics and areas of personal interest,
  • Report on experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and ambitions as well as make short statements and explanations.

Duration and Fees

2 Weeks Fast Track Training, 4 Hours daily, 6 weekly sessions , Fee Rs 20,000
4 Weeks Regular Training, 2 hours daily, 5 Weekly Lessons, Fee Rs 20,000



Advantages to Learning German / Deutsch Language 

  • Become Fully Competent in German / Deutsch A1, A2, B1, B2 Levels
  • Master the Basics of The German Language
  • Learn the Grammar & Vocabulary of German Language
  • Learn the Basics of Conversation in German
  • Learn German Pronunciation, Speaking, & Writing
  • Be Able to Confidently Introduce Yourself In German
  • Be Able to Make An Appointment In German
  • Learn to Count & Say Numbers in German
  • Learn to Read & Write in German
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German Deutsch Courses in Lahore Pakistan

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