COBIT® 5 Foundation Certification

Help your business maximise the value of IT, through COBIT 5 training and certification. Learn about the latest governance and management techniques, and the analytical tools and models that increase trust in your IT service.

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COBIT 5 Course Outline:

  • Structure of the COBIT 5 framework
  • Business needs and benefits provided by COBIT 5, Risk and resource optimisation
  • Supporting the creation of business value through IT
  • Transforming stakeholder needs into an enterprise's actionable strategy, Clarifying the purpose of the goals cascade
  • Translating high-level enterprise goals into specific IT-related goals
  • A framework for business and IT leaders, Interrelating key roles and activities
  • Implementing COBIT 5 as an integrator, Aligning the practices into a single model
  • Evaluating the key components of the enabler dimension
  • Reviewing measurement indicators for achieving goals
  • Balancing enterprise direction and objectives, Governance vs. management of IT
  • Implementing practices for operations, responsibility delegation and decision-making
  • The key responsibilities of key organisational roles
  • Reviewing the information quality categories
  • Interrelating the five steps of the information cycle with the information enablers
  • Applying information attributes to layers
  • Analysing the five architecture principles that govern the use of IT-related resources
  • Defining skill requirements for each role
  • Mapping the skill categories to the process domains
  • Skill categories in relation to the process domains
  • Management of the program
  • Change enablement
  • The six capability levels, The nine attributes
  • The rating scale, Defining key ISO 15504 terms


COBIT Certification Benefits

  • Meeting regulatory compliance requirements
  • Performing end-to-end IT process capability assessments to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas in need of improvement
  • Developing IT risk management frameworks
  • Most important, the need to bring all the individual functions within IT into a common, integrated model


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