Diploma in Fashion Designing (UK)

Fashion Designing Course in Pakistan is designed to meet the escalating and ever evolving demands of the fashion industry and develops you as a strong industry oriented professional in Pakistan and Abroad. The course focuses on various stages involved in design and development of the product. The course develops in you the aesthetic skills and the technical skills required to become a successful fashion designer.

Fashion Designing Top Ranked Training in Pakistan

Course Structure:

  • Proportions of ideal figure (8-heads methods).
  • Construction of a figure using block method.
  • Fleshing, Moving & Balancing of a figure.
  • 3- Dimensional figures.
  • Designing through Elements and Principles of Design.
  • ELEMENTS: Line, Shape, Pattern, Color, Texture
  • PRINCIPLES: Harmony, Proportion, Balance, Rhythm, Emphasis
  • Dressing Details: Darts, Gores, Pleats, Sleeves. (Plackets, Cuffs, Sleeve lengths), Collars, Trouser (Trouser lengths)
  • Designing through Source of Inspiration (Project Based): Theme/Source of Inspiration selection, Research board, Color board, Mood board.
  • Creative Designing (Theme based)
  • Western designs, Eastern designs
  • Practical: Creating 2(1 formal and 1 casual) dresses for herself using your own theme.
  • Practical: Designing 5 dresses. Every design should have 1 element and 1 principle.
  • Practical: Designing 2 dresses using each design detailing element.

Duration and Fees

Lesson duration: 4 hours. Week days / Weekend Classes Online & On-campus
Registration & Books Cost: Rs 2,000
Course Fee Total: Rs 15,000


Training and Work Opportunities for Fashion Design Students

  • Teachers qualified and experienced in France & Italy
  • Dynamic, efficient, and above all always up to date teaching staff.
  • Teachers follow the student individually building a custom program.
  • Exclusive educational system equipped with technology.
  • Training followed by Internship in Pakistan.
  • Opportunities to Travel Abroad
  • Opportunities to work on NEW CASTLE / international brands.


Fashion Designing Diploma Course

Our Certified Skills & Trainings are available throughout the year in LAHORE, ISLAMABAD & DUBAI. We provide 100% Practical Skills & Project Based Trainings. Opportunities for internship and job for Select candidates and their placement on international projects.

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