Finance for Non-Financial Managers (FNFM)

This course teaches finance for non-finance managers and covers a range of tools and concepts to help you understand your organisation's finances and give you the confidence to make financial judgement. You will leave with a thorough grounding in finance and how it works; enabling you to understand the financial implications of your business decisions. This is finance training at its best - clear, informative, practical and fun! One of the most demanded training in Pakistan.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Course Outline

Financial accounts

  • Profit and loss accounts and how to understand them
  • Reading income and expenditure accounts
  • Analyzing the finance flows within your organisation
  • Cash and accruals accounting showing how each is used
  • terminology associated with Accounting and Finance Systems / ERP
  • Communicating effectively with finance professionals
  • Analysing trends in financial flows and formulating appropriate questions
  • Reading a balance sheets and analysing financial position of the organisation

Management accounts

  • The budgeting process and constructing of a budget
  • How budgeting relates to strategic objectives and good governance
  • Estimating costs and income accurately for budget purposes
  • Using management accounts to understand the past and forecast the future
  • Cost centre - understanding how they are used in your organisation
  • Distinguishing between fixed and variable costs
  • Forecast the effects of changing costs, sales volume and price
  • Evaluating opportunity costs

Software & Business Analysis

  • Data Analysis and Analytics using Microsoft Excel
  • Business Process Mapping and Reporting using ERP Software, QuickBooks / SAP

Who is this course for?

This course is for managers, board members and budget holders across all sectors who need to know about organisational finance to help improve the profitability and performance of their business. Finance for non-financial managers is suitable for people who have little or no knowledge of finance. NEW CASTLE CENTER works with people from all sectors including the public sector, voluntary sector, corporate sector and private sector in Pakistan.

Duration and Fees

Lesson duration: 20 Hours of Evening / Weekend / Online Classes
Registration, Study Guide & Support Cost: Rs 5,000
Course Fee Total: Rs 25,000


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  • Increased and improved credibility as a professional
  • SAP Certification adds value to your credentials
  • SAP Certification helps to build job security & confidence in the market
  • SAP leads an individual to global opportunities
  • SAP Certification is a lifetime investment, it offers you attractive financial rewards


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