Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training


Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications through our global network of datacenters. Integrated tools, DevOps, and a marketplace support you in efficiently building anything from simple mobile apps to internet-scale solutions. This training provides the basic knowledge required by all individuals who will be evaluating Microsoft Azure, regardless of whether they are an administrator, developer, or database administrator. This training also provides the prerequisite knowledge for students wishing to develop Microsoft Azure solutions.

During the training at New Castle, students will be introduced to the core principles of cloud computing and will become familiar how these principles have been implemented in Microsoft Azure. Moreover, this course will take students through the process of implementing the Azure infrastructure, consisting of virtual networks and storage. With this foundation, students will learn how to create the most common Azure services, including Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), Web Applications, and SQL Databases. The features of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and methods of integrating it with on-premises Active Directory will also be covered in this training.

Course Outline

  1. Getting Started with Microsoft Azure

    • What is cloud computing?
    • What is Azure?
    • Managing Azure
    • Subscription management, support, and billing
    • Customizing the Azure portal interface
    • Viewing billing, usage, and quotas data
    • Lab: Using the Azure portals
  2. Microsoft Azure management tools

    • What is Azure PowerShell
    • The Azure SDK and the Azure CLI
    • Using the Azure PowerShell modules
    • Use the Azure CLI
    • Lab: Using Microsoft Azure management tools
  3. Virtual machines in Microsoft Azure

    • Creating and configuring VMs
    • Configure disks
    • Create a VM from the Azure Portal by using an Azure Marketplace image
    • Verify the functionality of the VM
    • Configure storage of a VM
    • Lab: Creating a VM in Azure 
  4. Web Apps and cloud services

    • Creating and configuring web apps
    • Deploying and monitoring web apps
    • Creating and deploying PaaS cloud services
    • Creating and configuring a WordPress web app
    • Create a cloud service
    • Lab: Web Apps and cloud services
  5. Creating and configuring virtual networks

    • Getting started with virtual networks
    • Creating a virtual network
    • Getting started with Azure Load Balancers
    • Lab: Create a virtual network
  6. Module 6: Cloud storage

    • Understanding cloud storage
    • Create and manage storage
    • Create an Azure Storage account
    • Create and manage blobs
    • Lab: Configure Azure Storage
  7. Microsoft Azure databases

    • Understanding options for relational database deployment
    • Creating and connecting to Azure SQL databases
    • Create a new Azure SQL database in Azure and configure SQL Server firewall rules
    • Manage content of an Azure SQL database by using SQL Server Management Studio
    • Lab: Creating a SQL Database in Azure
  8. Creating and managing Azure Active Directory

    • Overview of Azure Active Directory
    • Manage Azure AD authentication
    • Create users in Azure AD
    • Create a new Azure AD Tenant and a custom DNS domain
    • Lab: Create users in Azure Active Directory tenants


  • Basic understanding of websites
  • Basic Database concepts
  • Basic understanding of Networking


Program Highlights

  • 100% Skill Development Focus
  • Cloud Platform Training
  • Microsoft Certified Course Training
  • Microsoft Original Guides
  • Experienced Trainer
  • Project-base Training
  • Leading to Paid Internship
  • Professional Environment
  • International Certifications
  • Job Placement Support
  • Scholarships & rewards
  • Corporate & Executive Trainings
  • Instructor-led classes & Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI)
  • Course Duration: 1 Month
    • Fast Pace: 1 Week
  • Morning/Evening/Weekend Classes


Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Benefits

  • Keep you applications secured with the built-in Windows authentication.

  • Asp.Net has reduced the long lines of code required to develop large applications.

  • Asp.Net and Html, together generate dynamic web pages smoothly.

  • With the built-in configuration information, Asp.Net is easy to deploy.

  • The windows web server thoroughly monitors the web pages / applications.

  • Has its own built-in caching features.

  • Asp.Net framework is language independent, means you can choose any programming language which best suited to you application.



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