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Customers are considered as the backbone of any businesses. Whatever be the business type and size you can think of - if there is any level of customer participation – You need to be well aware of your customers’ satisfaction for your products or services.

The best way to determine if customers are satisfied with a company, its products and its services is to ask them. Customer surveys should be a priority for all enterprises. It's an important indicator of whether customers will remain loyal and recommend a company and its products/services to others.

If your customer is satisfied with your product or service then they will not only purchase your product or service frequently but also recommend their friends about the quality of your product or service and vice versa. Resultantly your business will suffer.

NEW CASTLE has an extensive experience of Customer Satisfaction Survey, Designing of Questionnaire, Reliability and Validity Testing, Population and Sampling, Data Collection through Physical Visit, Fax/Phone Survey, Overall Survey-Data Analysis, Development of Evaluation Criteria, Detailed Data Analysis by application of statistical tools and techniques including Bar Charts, Control Charts, Box Plots, Pareto Chart, Histograms, Process Capability Analysis, etc., using statistical software.

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